Our mission is to make route optimization software accessible to everyone.

Deliveries optimized
CO2 reduced

Routific's Core Values

Radical Transparency

We are fully honest, open, and authentic with ourselves and our customers. Allergic to ‘corporate’ speak, we practice open and clear communication at all times.

Real Teamwork

We believe people do better when we think about others more than we think about ourselves. Our priority is to help our customers succeed, so we succeed in turn.

Rapid Professional Growth

Routicians love a growth mindset. We strive to always push the boundaries of what’s possible and will go the extra mile to help your business grow.

Our Origin Story

Our founder and CEO, Marc, was just a boy when he started working in the kitchen of his family’s Chinese restaurant in Rotterdam. The son of small business entrepreneurs, he quickly developed a strong work ethic and a passion for efficiency, learning how to run a small, lively business on a tight budget.

For his degree in Operations Research, Marc wrote his thesis on route optimization algorithms, but he didn't start Routific right after school. He began his career as an algorithmic trader for a large investment bank in Hong Kong.

Marc quickly realized that using algorithms to trade stocks was not fulfilling; he wanted to make a real, green impact on the planet. So in 2012, he started Routific.

Marc Kuo writing something interesting on a whiteboard.

The Routific Logo

Our logo elegantly combines the image of a bee in flight, intertwined with a flower, which represents our mission and core values.

The bee pays homage to our algorithm, inspired by the efficiency of nature and computer science’s famous bee algorithm. The flower petals resemble Routific-optimized delivery routes going out from and returning to their depots. The transparent 'wings' of the bee symbolize one of our fundamental principles — radical transparency. And finally, the hexagonal honeycombs represent the strength and efficiency of our Routific hive.

The Hive

Routicians hail from 12 countries and speak 21 languages!


Marc Kuo
Co-Founder & CEO
Andrew Kwok
Co-Founder & COO
Suzanne Ma
Co-Founder & Dir. Product Marketing
Scott Justason
Jenya Farris
VP Product
Michael Yablonsky
Director of Design
Sarah Kelvin-Davies
Director of People and Culture
Alessia Mazzamauro
Human Resources

Product & Design

Jamil Wahid
Senior Product Manager
Teja Vajha
Senior Technical Product Manager
Aleksandar Dimitrijevic
UX Research Lead
Frankie Ng
Product & Visual Designer
Allison Fang
Product Designer


Nina Sarabia
Engineering Manager
Roger Tsui
Principal Algorithm Engineer
Kevin Lioi
Principal Data Scientist
Philip Chung
Staff Engineer
Julio Renner
Lead DevOps Engineer
Isaac Ribiero
Staff Engineer
Peter Kemp
Tech Lead
Justin Clapperton
Tech Lead
Rodrigo Boos
Senior Engineer II
Serena Tay
Senior Engineer
Adam Smith
Senior Engineer
Will Wearing
Product Engineer
Rashi Malhotra
Product Engineer
Brian Berger
Alan Wang

Customer Team

Chris Chan
Sr. Customer Success Manager
Sophie Ellis
Customer Support Lead
Jian De Joya
Senior Account Executive
Pam Sykes
Lead Content Strategist
Caitlin McKenzie
Customer Support

Wellness & Security

Head of Wellness
Head of Fluffiness
Director of Chin Rubs
Security Guard
Branch Manager
Office Vacuum
Senior Retrieval Analyst
Pest Control Officer
Senior Telephone Hoperator