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Use Routific as a complete delivery management platform to automate and manage all your deliveries. Leverage intelligent route optimization to lower your delivery costs, while keeping your drivers happy!

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Upload delivery orders


Just upload a spreadsheet! Or use our API integration to sync orders from your e-commerce system to automate your workflows, and reduce errors and manual processes.

Optimize routes with one click


Reduce your cost per delivery by 25%. Routific creates practical routes that your drivers will love. We don’t just optimize mathematically. We consider driver happiness, historical traffic patterns, and avoid messy “spaghetti routes”

Easy route adjustments


You’re in control. Quickly adjust routes with drag ‘n drop, add last-minute deliveries, and assign drivers to the territories they are most familiar with.

Dispatch to the driver app


Replace paper manifests and dispatch routes straight to your drivers’ app – designed to be intuitive and easy to use. Add delivery instructions to reduce failed deliveries. Navigate using Google Maps, Waze, or Apple Maps.

Track your drivers


Live GPS tracking enables you to see where your drivers are and get updated ETAs throughout the day. We respect your drivers’ privacy and only track their locations when they are working.

Keep customers in the loop


Send automated delivery tracker links so your customers know when to expect their delivery. They can watch their driver approach in real time and get notified when the delivery is completed.

Capture proof of delivery


Drivers can collect signatures and add multiple photos . Let your customers know where they’ve left a delivery. Resolve disputes easily with an audit trail and photo evidence.

Measure your performance


End of day reports measure how you did, which drivers were off-track, and which deliveries were late or missed.

Watch your efficiency improve

A single platform to manage your deliveries efficiently. Automate your workflows, reduce human errors, and lower your cost on deliveries. And all the while, you can feel good about reducing your carbon footprint!

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The Routific Way

Two images comparing spaghetti routes with non-overlapping routes.

No more spaghetti routes

Happier drivers with practical, efficient, and non-overlapping routes.

Illustration showing difference in traffic flows to illustrate the importance of traffic-aware route optimization.

Traffic-aware routing

Intelligent route optimization that avoids rush hour traffic, busy tunnels, and bridges.

Routific's easy to use timeline interface with drag 'n drop feature.

Easy-to-use, yet powerful

A simple, yet powerful interface, so you're always on top of your deliveries.

Want to learn more? Read our guide!

Learn more about the nuances of intelligent route optimization in our Ultimate Guide to Route Optimization.
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