Frequently Asked Questions

Does Google have a trip planning app?

Screenshot of Uffizi Gallery reviews

Yes, there is a Google trip planning app, and you may have heard of it: “Google Trips.” However, the app’s users were redirected to Google Travel when it was shut down in 2019. You can use the Travel web app to plan your trip (click here to try it).

There isn’t a mobile app available on Android or iOS, but you can still use it on the official website.

Google Travel allows you to:

  • View popular destinations
  • View plane ticket costs and average hotel room costs
  • Research top sites, hotels, rentals, flights, and more

Users can save destinations for their trip and add them to their travel plans. For example, I want to visit the Uffizi Gallery, and when I click on it, I see:

  • Reviews
  • Location
  • Pin on the map

If you don’t want to miss one of the places on your bucket list during your next trip, you can add multiple destinations and points of interest right to your travel plan.

Can you see how much time it will take to reach a pinned destination? 

You can use Google Maps to get directions for your road trip or for walking. Open up your trip map, and you’ll notice toward the bottom left of the screen, it will say “Directions from” and the name of your location pins.

Next to the directions layer, you’ll want to:

  • Tap the three dots
  • Click step-by-step directions

You’ll now see directions for each of the days that you have planned, the best route to take, and an easy way to judge if you can fit all of the places on your bucket list into each day.

Can you use the directions layers to navigate?

No, you cannot use the directions layers to navigate around the map. You will have to open the Google Maps app and navigate from there.

What’s the difference between Google My Maps and Google Maps Lists?

Google My Maps is more advanced and customizable than a simple Maps list. If you add places that you want to go on Lists, you’ll only have access to:

  • Location name
  • Location address
  • Reviews of the location
  • Operating hours
  • Type of location

You can add notes to the places that you add to Lists.

If you add too many places to your list, it can be overwhelming to manage your trip. My Maps allows you to add categories, which makes visualizing your trip more intuitive.

Is there an app for Google My Maps?

‌You’ll need to use the Google Maps App (Android and iPhone) to access My Maps. You will need a Google account to:

  • Create a new Google map 
  • View your custom map across platforms

You can access My Maps by opening the mobile app, tapping Saved, and continuing using the trip planner. Users can add points of interest to the map, access the directions layer and view their starting point for each day planned.

Can you use custom Google My Maps offline?

‌You can launch the Google Maps app offline and download maps for the location. However, you cannot access your own map with your points of interest or layers. Offline maps cannot be customized.