Frequently Asked Questions

How can small businesses measure the environmental impact of their packaging choices?

For small businesses aiming to go green, assessing the eco-friendliness of your packaging choices is a must. Start by choosing sustainable materials like recycled kraft for your mailer boxes and shipping boxes. Use custom packaging that's exactly the right size to reduce waste. Tools and calculators online can help you measure the carbon footprint of your packaging supplies, from packaging tape to poly mailers, helping you make informed decisions that are better for the planet.

How should businesses collect and use customer feedback on packaging?

Collecting feedback on your e-commerce packaging is like finding treasure. Use surveys or feedback links printed on mailers or packaging ideas to hear what customers think. Then, tweak your packaging choices based on what you learn. Loved the packaging design? Make it a staple. Complaints about damaged items? Time to rethink those mailer boxes. It's all about creating an unboxing experience that gets thumbs-ups all around.

How can small businesses use technology in packaging?

Small businesses can really stand out by blending tech with small business packaging. Add a QR code to your poly mailers or custom boxes to offer customers a digital experience — like product information, assembly instructions, or a thank you video. 

Even cooler? Augmented Reality (AR) can turn packaging supplies into interactive adventures, giving customers a memorable unboxing experience that they'll want to share.

How to tailor packaging for long-distance shipping

When you're sending products a long way, custom packaging is key to making sure they arrive in great shape. Think sturdy shipping boxes, mailer boxes, or pouches made from durable materials like kraft paper to withstand the journey. Don't forget to secure them with strong packaging tape. For a personal touch, add stickers or a business card inside. This approach not only protects your items but also boosts your brand's image.