Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find my location on Apple Maps?

In order for Apple Maps to find your location, you must allow it to use your location. You can enable this on both Mac and iPhone devices.

On Mac

  • Click the Apple menu and navigate to System Settings. 
  • Click Privacy & Security in the sidebar.
  • Choose Location Services and enable it.

Now, you can open up Maps and see your current location.

On iPhone

First, ensure that your phone is connected to the Internet and that Precise Location is enabled. 

If Maps says that your Location Services or Precise Location Services are turned off, you can enable them by:

  • Tapping the notification.
  • Choose Turn On in Settings
  • Enable Location Services

To show your current location, tap the arrow.

Apple Maps can help you plan routes with multiple stops, but for delivery businesses, it’s not a tool that’s optimal for route optimization. Understanding the advantages and limitations of Apple Maps can help you choose the right solution for your routing needs.

How do I calculate routes in Apple Maps?

When you search for directions using Apple Maps, the app will calculate the route for you automatically. You can also ask Siri to calculate a route to your desired location.

If you’re on a Mac, you can click “Create Route” in Maps and enter your destination. You can adjust the starting location and destination if needed.

In both the iPhone and Mac apps, you also have the option of adjusting the route.

For example, you can:

  • Add multiple destinations to your route.
  • Choose to avoid tolls or highways.
  • Change starting points and destinations.
  • Choose a start time or date.

You can also change the mode of travel to walking, biking, rideshare, or public transportation.

Can you save a route in Apple Maps?

Currently, there is no option to save your route in Apple Maps regardless of whether you’re using an iPhone, Mac or iPad.

One option is to create a route, follow it, and then “like” it.

Maps will ask if you liked the route you just took. Choosing “yes” will let Maps know that you prefer taking this route. You can dislike other routes, so Maps will recommend the ones you like better.

Can you plan a route on Apple Maps iPhone?

Yes, you can plan a route using Apple Maps on your iPhone. Just enter your final destination and add a few stops along the way to plan out your route. Apple Maps will even give you an ETA, so you have an idea of when you’ll reach your final destination.