Frequently Asked Questions

What is a route manifest?

In last-mile delivery, a route manifest is a document showing all the stops on a delivery route, in the order they should be visited. Depending on what kind of delivery is being made, a route manifest should include:

  • The full address for each delivery, including any access or buzzer codes. 
  • Package details. 
  • A customer contact number.
  • The delivery time window, if there is one (e.g. between 1pm and 3pm).
  • Any special delivery instructions

What does “out for delivery” mean?

A package that is out for delivery has been loaded onto a vehicle and is on the way from a warehouse or distribution hub to its final destination. An out-for-delivery package should be delivered on the same day, unless something goes wrong like an address being inaccessible.

What does “shipped” mean?

A package has gone through the initial shipping process and has now been passed to a local courier service or a shipper. The item is on its way to the customer’s doorstep or its final destination, but it may still be hours, days, or longer before the item arrives at its location.