Frequently Asked Questions

Why would you want to use third party delivery services?

You may want to consider third party delivery options if:

  • You’re short-staffed and need to save on labor costs
  • You want to expand your reach
  • You can afford the delivery and service fees
  • You don’t need or want to track customer data for a loyalty program

Many businesses choose 3PL providers because they provide a simple solution. They don’t have to worry about hiring costs or investing in vehicles. Someone else handles the logistics for them, so they can focus on running their business. 

However, it’s important to remember that when you use third party providers, you lose control over the customer experience and the efficiency of your deliveries. 

Do third party delivery services charge the same rate?

No. Different delivery companies charge different rates. If you’re considering using 3PL, make sure that you research and compare rates to find the best solution for your business.

Are third party delivery services worth it?

They can be, but it all depends on your individual business.

One of the biggest concerns when considering third-party delivery platforms is delivery fees. Most platforms also charge service fees. These costs can really eat into your profits and have you wondering whether 3PL is worth it.

That said, the alternative is to handle deliveries in-house, which can also be costly. But you have some control over those costs and how the deliveries are handled (a value that’s tricky to calculate).

The best way to determine whether third party services are worth it is to run the numbers. 

  • Look at your average order value. Add the average service and delivery fees into the equation to see whether you’ll still have healthy profit margins. For restaurants, third-party fees can range from 15-30%.
  • Calculate the costs of hiring delivery drivers and purchasing delivery trucks. As a general rule of thumb, hiring costs are 1.25-1.4 times an employee’s salary. 

Compare these two scenarios to see which one may be worth exploring more. You may find that despite charging high fees, 3PL is still the most practical option for your business.