Frequently Asked Questions

Can Waze do route optimization?

Waze is a really popular navigation app for finding the best route from Point A to Point B, but you can’t use it to plan multi-stop routes, or to optimize a sequence of stops to get the shortest route. If you love Waze but need route optimization, the best option is to use routing software like Routific, which will send auto-optimized routes to a driver app you can download on your mobile device. Then you can choose Waze or Google Maps for point-to-point navigation.

What is the best free route optimizer?

You can do basic free route optimization of up to 10 stops using SpeedyRoute, up to 20 stops with RouteXL or up to 26 stops with MapQuest. If you need to optimize a longer route, or one that uses multiple vehicles, you can try a 7-day free trial using an app like Routific. There are no free route optimizers that are suitable for regular route planning.