Frequently Asked Questions

Is MapQuest still around?

Yes, MapQuest is still around, and is still a decent free route planner, especially if you use the standalone app for mobile devices. It is no longer innovating, though, and we expect it will continue to decline in use. Its parent company acquired rival RoadWarrior in 2021, so any future development will probably come from Roadwarrior.

Is there a free route planner?

There are several free route planners available, if you’re happy to accept limitations like a restricted number of stops or intrusive ads. Google Maps and  MapQuest are good for planning road trips that include multiple stops. Plotaroute, Komoot, and AllTrails are great trip planners for recreational use that includes off-road activities like running, hiking or cycling. All of these apps are free for once-off or short term use, but some may require payment for regular use.

Can I plan a route with unlimited stops in Google Maps?

The longest route you can plan in Google Maps is 10 stops. If you need a larger number of stops, your best bet is to use a free trial of a route planning app like Routific.

Can Google Maps do route planning?

You can plan a route of up to 10 stops in Google Maps. It's a good, free choice for short driving, biking or walking routes. You can work in batches to plan longer routes. If you’re a delivery business or delivery driver, our recommended method for longer routes is laid out in our Google Maps Route Planner for Deliveries post.

Can Waze do route optimization?

Waze is a really popular navigation app for finding the best route from Point A to Point B, but you can’t use it to plan multi-stop routes, or to optimize a sequence of stops to get the shortest route. If you love Waze but need route optimization, the best option is to use routing software like Routific, which will send auto-optimized routes to a driver app you can download on your mobile device. Then you can choose Waze or Google Maps for point-to-point navigation.